Axxe Custom Men's Wetsuit

Custom-fitted wetsuits straight from Japan. Axxe Wetsuits are made from innovative and proprietary materials, balancing the unparalleled suppleness of the rubber and linings with high performance and functionality. This means more warmth and less paddle restriction. Thirty-five years of handcrafted mastery and rigorous testing have led to these optimum performance suits.

Thickness: 3/2mm, 3mm, 5/3mm

  • Advanced Isolation System II (AIS-II) Neck Entry
  • High neck cut
  • Rolled wrists
  • DUROWEB ankle cuffs
  • DUROWEB knee pads
  • Upper half of suit rubber only (black only) / Lower half neoprene
  • Color options: 1 for accent panels (rib cage panel)
  • Attached hood option

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