Seth Cannon 5'10 Demo DTF

Seth Cannon 5'10 Demo DTF

A NW fish alternative. The filled in tail and quad fin set up lend well to maneuvers initiated off the rear foot while the flat rocker insures no loss of down the line speed and drive off the front. Flat through most of the board with modern-ish rails and a single to deep double concave in the back end. A good shorter board for every day waves in the waist to shoulder range.

  • Demo board reservations by non-members must be picked up within 24 hours of placing reservation. No-show fee of $20 charged on reservations that are not picked up within 24 hours. Please call or email us to adjust your reservation.
  • Demo board reservations by Board Club members must be picked up within 24 hours of placing reservation. 
  • Identification, credit card used to place the reservation and your confirmation email must presented upon pick up.
  • Customers assume all responsibility for any and all fees that may apply for repair or replacement of damaged equipment.
  • Customers are responsible for safe and responsible transport of boards, and all transporting equipment necessary to do so. We do not currently supply bags, or soft racks and recommend you bring your own. Straps may be purchased from the shop.
  • All equipment is inspected before release and upon return. 
  • All boards come equipped with fins and a leash.   

Full Weekend = Pick up Friday after 4pm, return Monday before 6pm. Can be applied toward any days of the week. Ex. Pick up Tuesday after 4pm, return Friday before 6pm.